(Prompt for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets)

PROMPT is a multidimensional, multi-sensory therapeutic system that is holistic and dynamic. It is the use of tactile – kinesthetic articulatory prompts (cues) on the jaw, face and under the chin that help to develop or restructure speech production output. The philosophy is concerned with all areas of the child’s development and how he/she uses these areas to interact with family/care givers in the environment.

PROMPT first structures sessions so that the child is required to focus (give as much attention to the task of interaction) as possible. The production of the child’s utterance is supported through integrated auditory and tactile (with visual as a secondary source) feedback and gradually, as the child is able, the basic structure of the movements(s) required for more accurate speech production, are required. It is beneficial for children with apraxia of speech, autism, Down syndrome, articulation disorders and other speech disorders.

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