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Kiddo of the Month: Calliope

Calliope is our Kiddo of the Month for February and it is only fitting for this sweetheart to represent the month of LOVE!

When we shared the exciting news that Calliope had been selected as “Kiddo of the Month”. Calliope’s mom relayed this message from her daughter:

“When I first began at Kiddos’ all I like to do was curl myself into a little ball. I had my arms tight to my chest and kept my fist closed. Then after a few visits with Ms. Carla, I began to let loose a little and explore all the space out there in the world. Now in the mornings I awake with a big stretch and a yawn, sometimes I even lay there and admire how my hands move before I wake mom and dad. I really enjoy my visits to Kiddos’ each week, even though sometimes I give Ms. Carla a hard time. Luckily, she is always patient with me, even when I need a mid-session snack.

Ms. Carla has taught me so much, she show me how to roll over (I’m a Pro at that now), how to get into crawl position and even how to weight shift. She keeps telling me I can do it and moves my toys away. I try to tell her I’ve got this figured out. If I sit there and yell, mom or dad will just bring the toys to me. Ms. Carla doesn’t think that’s a plan that’s sustainable long term. So, now I’m crawling, just a little though. It’s hard work, so, I make a lot of noise when I do it. Overall, I have had an excellent experience at Kiddos’ Clubhouse. I especially enjoy how friendly and welcoming everyone always are. And they always tell me how cute mom and dad has dressed me. I’m looking forward to all the new things Ms. Carla is going to teach me this year.”

When Calliope is not playing at the clinic with Ms. Carla, she is snuggling up with her favorite singing elephant and her “fur sister.”  Her favorite color is purple and she loves the “My Little Pony” movie.

We will make a $100 donation in her names to a charity her family has chosen – The Knighten Project –

Kiddo of the Month: Lucy

Meet our adorable little friend, Lucy–our Kiddo of the Month!
As you can see, Lucy is part Mermaid, so she loves anything involving water. ???? Her mom told us that Lucy thinks that she is Namaari from Raya, so she has a great imagination as well. Lucy is enthusiastic about coming to see Ms. Alicia and Ms. Sarah every week for her therapy, and she has made significant progress. We are so proud of her, so join us in cheering her on! Her family has chosen the Atlanta Lab Rescue as their charity, so Kiddos’ Clubhouse will be making a $100 donation in Lucy’s honor. Congratulations, kiddo!

Kiddos’ Clubhouse Foundation

There continues so be a great deal of need for children in the state of Georgia who are in need of services, but families are unable to afford the proper therapy for them. Since the formation of Kiddos’ Clubhouse Foundation in 2009, we have awarded 5nearly $500,000 to 165 families in 3 different counties throughout Georgia. There have been many families who did not receive critical monies and we look to continue to raise money in an effort to be able to award more scholarships each quarter.

To read more about the child chosen for this, please visit the foundation’s web site listed below.

For more information and how to donate, please visit

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