Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an empirically-based teaching methodology involving the application of basic behavioral principles to teach socially significant behaviors, including language, play, academic, motor, self-help and adaptive living skills.  One such behavior principles is positive reinforcement, when a behavior is followed by a reward then the behavior is likely to increase or occur again.  The strategies can be effective in reducing challenging behaviors such as aggression, destruction, self-injurious behaviors, etc.  ABA includes a broad range of techniques that are effective with individuals of all ages and individuals with Autism and other developmental disorders.  The methodology utilizes teaching techniques such as incidental teaching, discrete trial teaching, verbal behavior, pivotal response training, as well as many other scientifically proven strategies.

The ABA services offered at Kiddos’ Clubhouse include:

  • 1-on-1 therapy – a comprehensive evaluation of the learner’s skills is conducted to design an individualized intervention plan.  Intense 1-on-1 therapy sessions are then conducted in the center to address the needs of the child.  Parent trainings are also a component to assist with the generalization process of new skills.  A minimum of 4 hours per week is usually suggested.
  • Consultation – Support is provided to an individual’s caregivers regarding specific behavioral issues.  For challenging behaviors, a functional behavior assessment is conducted to determine the maintaining variables of each targeted behavior.  The caregivers are then trained on a behavior intervention plan and weekly meetings are scheduled to discuss and review progress.

Social Skills Groups –The groups are designed to meet the individualized needs of each child and to build lasting friendships.  Groups consist of two to three children similar in age and with similar needs.   Each child is assessed for their specific social skill needs and sessions are structured specific to those needs.  Such skills may include conversation skills, eye contact, joint attention, listening, expressing feelings, cooperative play, etc.

ABA is offered at the Kiddos’ Clubhouse Alpharetta location.

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