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Kiddo of the Month


Brayden has been working hard to become our December “Kiddo of the Month”.  Brayden is 12 years old and has a brother Parker, who is 11.  Brayden loves to read, play video games, search on a variety of topics on the web, watch classic cartoons and kid’s shows.  He likes to swim and go for walks.  His favorite movie is “Angry Birds” and his favorite color is red. 

When his family was asked about their experience so far at Kiddos’, they stated: “Kiddos’ has been a Godsend for him and our entire family.  We found Kiddos’ at the roughest time of our lives with Brayden and Crysta has been our angel and savior.  Kiddos’ has embraced not only Brayden, but our entire family.  We feel like every single person there understands and passes no judgement.  We cannot thank Kiddos’ enough for taking Brayden, but most importantly for bringing Crysta into our lives.  We don’t know where we would be without Crysta and Kiddos’.”

Along with receiving a Toys R Us gift card, a $100 donation will be made in Brayden’s honor to the charity his family has chosen:  Autism Society of Georgia -



Happy Birthday to the following kiddos in January:

Ella F. January 1st – 7 years old

Alyssa P. January 2nd – 8 years old

Ms. Maeva – January 6th

Brooks H. January 9th – 3 years old

Ms. Dee – January 18th

Lily D. January 25th – 3 years old

Knox J. January 28th – 3 years old

Elizabeth B. January 28th – 10 years old

Gael M. January 29th – 4 years old

Mr. Brett January 30th


Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation

There continues so be a great deal of need for children in the state of Georgia who are in need of services, but families are unable to afford the proper therapy for them. Since the formation of Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation in 2009, we have awarded over $260,000 to 110 families in 29 different counties throughout Georgia. There have been many families who did not receive critical monies and we look to continue to raise money in an effort to be able to award more scholarships each quarter.

To read more about the child chosen for this, please visit the foundation's web site listed below.

For more information and how to donate, please visit