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Kiddo of the Month


Shree has been working very hard and for that, he is recognized as our August “Kiddo of the Month”.  Shree will be eight years old in September and has a 10-year-old sister.  Shree likes to swing, play a dart game, puzzles, dancing, fun time with his sister and listening to music.  Shree’s favorite color is orange. 

When his family was asked about their experience so far at Kiddos’, they stated: “8 months of utter joy and care.  He feels happy to come to Kiddo’s and enjoys working with the therapists.  He has improved on task completion, desensitized with food, both touch and smell and he has improved on responses.”  We are all proud of all the hard work that Shree has put in.  He is a delight to see each week for his sessions!

For working so hard and being our August “Kiddo of the Month”, Shree will receive a Target gift card. 



Happy Birthday to the following kiddos in October:

Sara B. October 1st – 14 years old

Luke F. October 2nd – 8 years old

Pedro B. October 4th – 4 years old

Cannon S. October 9th – 4 years old

Luke H. October 9th – 10 years old

Sathvik D. October 13th – 4 years old

Liam I. October 13th – 9 years old

William M. October 15th – 3 years old

Vivaan A. October 16th – 7 years old

Ian K. October 23rd – 15 years old

Grant G. October 24th – 4 years old

Elijah L. October 24th – 5 years old

Breanna B. October 25th – 9 years old

Joey S. October 25th – 16 years old

Aubrey L. October 26th – 2 years old


Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation

There continues so be a great deal of need for children in the state of Georgia who are in need of services, but families are unable to afford the proper therapy for them. Since the formation of Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation in 2009, we have awarded over $290,000 to 119 families in 29 different counties throughout Georgia. There have been many families who did not receive critical monies and we look to continue to raise money in an effort to be able to award more scholarships each quarter.

To read more about the child chosen for this, please visit the foundation's web site listed below.

For more information and how to donate, please visit