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Kiddo of the Month


Peyton has been working very hard with everyone and is our Novemer “Kiddo of the Month”. Peyton will be nine years old in November. Peyton enjoys music, playing outside, hikes with Daddy, and his iPad. He also looks forward to school every day. He loves the “Despicable Me” series and his favorite color is blue.

When his family was asked about their experience so far at Kiddos’, they stated: “Peyton looks forward to every Monday and going to Kiddos’. When I pick him up from school on Monday, I always ask “who are we going to go see today?” He excitedly responds with “Ms. Nicole, Ms. Carla, and Ms. Jenny.” To put into words the amount of change and growth of development that we have seen in Peyton since starting at Kiddos’ is almost impossible. We have seen drastic changes and improvements in all aspects of Peyton’s development. It is wonderful to know that the therapists truly care about him. He comes out of his therapy sessions with a smile on his face. I remember when we were in the CICU at Egleston wondering “Will he walk? Will he be able to talk?” We have waited a long time for Peyton to be able to eat the same type of foods that my husband and I eat and be able to sit down at the table and eat as a family. He is now achieving all of those things and we ow a great amount of gratitude to Kiddos’ for that.”

Along with receiving a Target gift card, a $100 donation will be made in Peyton’s honor to the charity his family has chosen: Autism Speaks



Happy Birthday to the following kiddos in November:

Miss Nicole (up front) November 1st

Jaycee S. November 2nd – 9 years old

Ella R. November 3rd – 7 years old

Ryan B. November 6th – 10 years old

Enzo P. November 7th – 5 years old

Anderson M. November 8th – 3 years old

Miss Ashley November 9th

Jaiden V. November 10th – 5 years old

Peyton H. November 11th – 9 years old

Cleo T. November 13th – 4 years old

Aariv S. November 15th – 3 years old

Tyler U. November 17th – 5 years old

Colden M. November 18th – 9 years old

Keshunna R. November 19th – 16 years old

Miss Jenny November 19th

Michael C. November 23rd – 17 years old

Joshua K. November 27th – 2 years old

Lars O. November 27th – 5 years old

Teagan B. November 27th – 9 years old


Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation

There continues so be a great deal of need for children in the state of Georgia who are in need of services, but families are unable to afford the proper therapy for them. Since the formation of Kiddos' Clubhouse Foundation in 2009, we have awarded over $315,000 to 127 families in 30 different counties throughout Georgia. There have been many families who did not receive critical monies and we look to continue to raise money in an effort to be able to award more scholarships each quarter.

To read more about the child chosen for this, please visit the foundation's web site listed below.

For more information and how to donate, please visit